A hands-on, engaging workshop designed to foster
innovation, creativity, and collaboration within organizations.

Professional (PRO) Teambuilding Activity

PRO activity is designed for corporate team building. In this program, the participants will construct our exclusive models. Young Engineers instructors come to your office or business and collaborate with your employees for a fun and exciting day of learning and innovation. We provide all the materials necessary to build the models and activities. We work with companies of different sizes and purposes. The nominal duration is 120 minutes.

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Parents and Children Workshop
Build, Discover, and Learn Together!

Since building blocks have been well known for generations, it has become a common ground between different age groups. This is why we have a variety of very successful programs for all ages. Our Parents and Children Day is not just an event; it’s an investment in quality time, bonding, and education through building one of our exclusive models. At Young Engineers, we provide the tools, the guidance, and the environment. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and the spirit of discovery.

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